Monthly Report

Insite provides you with a monthly SEO report on your website. It lists your top (Max 15) keywords and their rankings on Google, Google AUS, Bing, Bing AUS, Yahoo andYahoo AUS, along with an overall health score and last month comparison showing exactly how your site is performing.

Insite does a complete evaluation of your site links, keywords usage in your content & HTML code and provides you with detailed information on your sites SEO health.

The Insite validation report lists all items on your site that will affect your search engine ranking, their importance and what the problem is.

Easy to read Summary page

Every Insite report has a summary page which shows you, at a glance, how your site is performing at the current time, along with a last month comparison and chart of the ranking history of your main keyword.

The summary page also has a chart to show you how your site performed on the curent round of tests and how many items need to be addressed immediately.

It's a great way to quickly determine how your site is perfoming and whether the changes made in the previous months have been efective.


Keyword Ranking

Insite tracks the performance of up to 15 keywords on your site. You  choose one of your keywords as the main focus and we track an overall history of this keyword, which is shown on the summary page. The Insite report will also show you all your keywords and their current and last month rankings along with an indicator of whether the keyword has moved up or down in the rankings.

Website Report

Insite tests every page of your site for problems which can affect your page ranking. The "Website Report" section lists all tests performed on the content, links, keywords and code in your site. All tests and results are colour coded and given a score so you can easily identify areas that need to be addressed urgently.

Site Validation Report

The site validation report clearly lists all items on your site that need attention, their importance to your search engine ranking and what needs to be done. You can then decide how many of these items that you'd like to fix and we will give you a fixed quote for the work to be completed.

You now have control of your SEO and how much you spend on your site.

Introductory Price

Sign up for a 3, 6 or 12 month Insite package, before 30th September 2015, and we'll give you the Insite report for only $99 inc GST per month, that's up to $600 savings in your first year.

Casual monthly reporting is also available. Sign up for only a month or two and test the water for $149.00 inc GST per month

More Frequent Reports

Insite can be set up to send you reports on a more frequent basis. Contact us and we can give you a cost to create a custom plan for your needs.




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