WebPress is a Content Management System (CMS), that resides on the server with your website. It allows you to edit and maintain your site using standard office application skills. No software installation is required, you just log in using your normal internet browser.

With WebPress you can add, edit or delete pages and content on your site through a password protected Administration section. Your site, and all its pages, are listed in an easy to understand tree structure giving you total control. You no longer have to pay a web developer to make changes to your site.

Using WebPress, you will be able to build and edit your website from your office, hotel room or home using simple to understand tools. Your website will be dynamic and always up-to-date.

Website Design and Creation

SiteFactory are very exerienced in all aspects of website design, creation and deployment. We provide cost effective solutions for all businesses that wish to have a presence on the internet.

Design, hosting, eCommerce, SEO, CMS - big or small, we can help you!

Web Application Development

Replace your desktop applications with web-based systems to gain scalability, portability and accessibility. We create custom applications that meet your needs.


Your e-commerce website is a virtual representation of your business and should be effectively used to display your products in order to increase sales.



SEO is the strategic and technical process of enhancing your website to achieve optimum search engine rankings on targeted keyword searches.


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